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Miejsce pracy:
Warszawa Miasteczko Nowy Wilanow
Sales, Internet / e-Commerce / New media, Marketing
Forma zatrudnienia:
Traineeship, Practice
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General information about company

Virginic LLC

International Marketing Internship in VIRGINIC


We are looking for an enthusiastic people to join our small team (of 15 A-players) and help achieve our ambitious

goals. We're high on company culture - we all wear many hats & search for people that will help the company grow

with positive energy and influence. If you're a person who is eager to take on any challenge and face any task, with

a smile on the face - you're our pick!


    • Length of Internship: 1-2 months
    • Start: whenever you're ready to rock!
    • Deal: unpaid (financially). You'll learn a ton about eCommerce tricks and processes and get a prestigeous internship in your CV from an American Company selling on Amazon.com
    • For the very best interns - there is an opportunity to be hired (but it's not a guarantee).


  • Requirement: minimum 164 hours to receive the recommendation letter.



What to expect:

  • Office Location: Warszawa, Miasteczko Nowy Wilanow
  • Time frame: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (work in our office), Sat & Sun (home office: 3 hours each day work from home) - we can be more flexible in justified cases
  • Availability: Amazon never sleeps, we have global customers & it's a management position so you have to be able to respond and contribute every day.
  • We're a 100% english speaking office so please be comfortable to only communicate in english here (have couple of US-native team members who don't speak polish)
  • We look for someone to commit full time, 110% (it's not a work from home, project-per-project freelance internship but becoming our full time Intern for 1-2 months).


You will be wearing many hats:

  • marketing/PR tasks being one, including marketing strategy creation
  • some customer service tasks
  • new marketing & development projects
  • AMAZON business model
  • product/service launch on american market
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • brand/product positioning
  • sales monitoring and planning




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