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JobDay 2022 at Vistula Universities.


You know that what counts today is not only education, but also practice in the same way. So, do not wait, start working!

  • You will gain experience and competence.
  • You will have more self-confidence.
  • Prepare yourself for your future career.
  • You will have an advantage in the labor market.


We will help you. We invite you to JobDay 2022 at Vistula Universities.
Note! We are going back to the stationary formula of the event.


The job fair will be attended by HR consulting companies, international corporations and developing start-ups.
During JobDay you will establish contacts with potential employers – you will talk and ask questions that bother you. You will gain a unique chance to find a job, internship, or apprenticeship. You will get to know about changes in the market and requirements for aspiring employees.


JobDay at Vistula Universities is a forum of inspiring and fruitful meetings – a unique opportunity especially for those who are just starting their studies.

Previous editions of the job fair enjoyed great interest. We are also counting on high attendance this time.

Take your resume. If you do not have it or would like to change it, please contact the Careers Office.



We cordially invite you to the JobDay, on November the 3rd in the main lobby, next to the reception.





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