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Competition for students Go Green 2022 // Schneider Electric

Competition for students Go Green 2022 // Schneider Electric


For the 11th time, Schneider Electric invites students who want to make an impact on the future of our planet to participate in Go Green 2022!


The competition is dedicated to business, engineering, marketing and innovation related students and ideas submitted should be in categories such as:
- Energy Access,
- Homes of the Future,
- Supply Chain of the Future,
- Electric networks of the future,
- De(coding) the future.
Teams: should consist of 2-4 people, should be gender diverse and participants must be students in the same country during the competition
Registration time: February 15, 2022
Grand Prize: 10,000 Euros! Participants are also invited to internships in Schneider Electric
We invite you to complete your team and fight for a better tomorrow for all of us together with students from all over the world. You can develop your ideas under the guidance of mentors working at Schneider Electric!
More information can be found on the following pages: